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How To Get Clear Skin

How To Get Clear Skin With 3 Kick Butt Secrets You Didn’t Know About?
It’s common acceptance our bodies NATURAL hormones and oily skin is the evil “bad guy” behind Acne, Pimples, Cysts, Rosacea, and other common bad skin problems. However, natural conditions and circumstances aren’t the only ones to blame. It’s hard to believe, but our eating habits are the cause of a lot of bad skin conditions we all face.

Naturally, we don’t want to believe it’s “us” who’s causing our problems. It’s easier to assume or place the blame on natural causes.

Below, are three (3) of my top skin clearing secrets I put together for you. Starting with…
Clear Skin Secret #1:
One Of the BIGGEST causes of bad skin, acne, and pimples will come as a bit of a shock to you (as it had for me when I found out this secret): Vegetable Oil.
Vegetable oil is one of the leading causes of hormonal inflammation than any other kind of consumable product on earth. If all you did was simply avoid using this toxic grease to fry or cook your food in, nearly HALF of your chronic skin condition will disappear in as little as 2 – 4 weeks.
For some people, eliminating vegetable oil from their diet completely IS the cure to their skin problems. For others, it’s part of the problem. Most of us don’t know oil we consume in the quantities we do leads to breakouts.It’s nothing to be ashamed or guilty of. Most of us have bad eating habits and for a lot of us it’s hard to imagine cutting vegetable oil out of our diet entirely. However, if you’re serious about getting clearer skin, chuck those vegetable oil bottles in the dumpster because it’s not going to magically get rid of itself.
I know people personally, myself included, who after baking our foods like fries, grilling hamburgers (there are a good variety of home grill machines for under $40), or using alternative healthier oils (like olive oil), our skin cleared up in weeks with no extra effort.

Bottom-line, if there’s any one secret in this article that would help you clear your skin the most, THIS would be it.
But don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot for a week or two and come back to tell me what results you got from clearer skin.
Secret #2: Another little known secret that causes bad skin is Candida. Here’s how to check in less than 5 seconds:
Get to a mirror. Stick out your tongue. Now, check for any signs of “white coating” – like a thin coat of flaky paste – on your tongue.
It’s not the easiest type of fungus to get rid of, but it’s certainly possible if you drastically cut out sugar from your diet until you DO get rid of it (and, try to stay away from processed sugars long after you do).
What does Candida have to do with clearing your skin? Well, there’s a ton of medical information that details how and why candida effects the quality of your skin. A simple google search will give you deeper understanding.
Clear Skin Secret #3:
If you’re familiar with those famous “Sunny Delight” commercials, the one thing those ads stressed about buying their products is that it’s “hip”, “fun” and “cool” for both the parents AND children to drink Sunny D. But, there’s a hidden message:
Sunny Delight has VITAMAN C!
It’s not just in commercials; it’s on the packaging, too. But, there’s a catch (isn’t there always?).
Vitamin C doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you’re drinking a lot of processed sugar (MOST packaged orange juice products) with it. In fact, it does more harm than good.
I mention Vitamin C as an important process to clearing your skin because it’s one of the strongest natural anti-oxidants that helps keep your skin glowing and fight free-radicals that build up under your skin.
The best vitamin C source is from the source itself – a orange tree. But, for most of us, orange trees are seasonal and take time to grow. Your next best option is to get oranges from a grocery store. They’re very inexpensive and you can get a bag full for less than a few bucks.
Or, you can do what I do – cut the oranges. Put them in a blender. And, drink it straight with a couple of ice cubes to give it a orange smoothie (without the sugar) texture to it (it’s VERY good! Try it)
Of course, eating oranges getting a daily dose of Vitamin C isn’t the ONLY nutrients that should go into your body to clear your skin. The MORE nutrients and combination of nutrients you put into your body, the faster your skin will clear.
This concludes the end of this article. The only thing left for you to do is take massive action to get the results you want with your skin. 
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