Friday, 4 November 2011

Color you hair with proper care and guidance!

Hair color is highly trendy and is in fashionfor all the youngsters and elder ones too. But before coloring your hair you should know its pros and cons and the correct way to apply it.

1. The first thing you should consider before indulging your hair in color is to check the tone category. It is important to determine whichcolour group you belong to

2. Second thing to be understood regarding your hair color is its level and tones. Tone refers to whether a hair colour is warm or cool. The warm colours are red, yellow and orange. The hair colour selection card has colour boxes, where there are references to medium warm brown or natural golden brown. 

3. If you are a newbie to hair color then start with a semi-permanent one. Michelle Tung, hairstylist, says, “For a colour newbie, it is safe to play with different shades of brown. Burgundy is the safest bet.” 

4. Determine the hair’s condition, porosity and elasticity. Choose color as per your life style, your hair cut. 

5. Sapna Bhavnani, hairstylist, said, “Hair type and chemical treatments are very important in deciding the colour palette.  If your hair is dry and frizzy, you should stay away from blondes and any palette that will require high levels of peroxide to achieve”.

Keep these tips in mind and let your colored style be revealed to all!
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