Monday, 28 November 2011

Daniel Radcliff was initially asked to refuse Harry Potter role by his parents!

Hollywood actor Daniel Radcliffe who is popularly known as Harry Potter has revealed a secret about him playing the character. The actor has informed that he almost missed out on the role of Harry Potter as his mother and father was not much impressed with the whole idea.

This is because Daniel’s parents were firstly not sure about the role and they thought it would disturb his life as he will have to live in Los Angeles for the shooting purposes. It is interesting to note that Daniel took the plunge and then the 22-year-old has featured as the schoolboy wizard in all of the eight Harry Potter films till date.

When asked that why his parents changed their mind and allowed him to opt for the role he informed that it was only because the director Chris Columbus decided to shoot most of the movies in his native land England.

Daniel Radcliff said, Chris Columbus had seen David Copperfield and said, “I want to audition this boy”. They went to my parents, and, at the time, the deal was to sign on for, I think, six films, all to be done in LA, and my mum and dad simply said, That`s too much disruption to his life. That`s not gonna happen”.

Well, Daniel it was wonderful to see you playing Harry potter!
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